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Final Project Ideas

by Julia

Since I am interested in women’s issues I am thinking of doing something that has to do with women in the media. Documentaries like ‘Killing Us Softly’ can give you an idea of what I would like to do.

Another idea I have has to do relationships between men and women as far as love goes, materialism and expectancies in these relationship.

A last idea I was thinking about was the portrayal of women in different genres of music, this may or may not be tied into my earlier idea about women in visual and print media Adding to this I think it would be interesting to do something with Rap music and how it has evolved in relation to how it portrays women. For example theres a  song called ‘Miss Indpendent’ this song is traditional r&b but  if we place it in context with our economy now and the ways African American women are portrayed theres a negative connotation attached  to it. The video is bellow and the lyrics are avalible as well, but the message I got from this particular song is that women in this  day and age have to be independent of men in order to be considered  desirable. This is a message we really didn’t see in the 90s as women have widely been portrayed as sexually promiscuous


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