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Mini Feildwork ‘necessary improvements on Queens College campus’

by Julia

On Wednsday I worked with Kanwal for the  mini Frildwork Experience. Before we started to work I got to know her a little better and found out that she and I share the same favorite color. Also I found out that she has a Cybershot Camera of the same color. The subject I decided to ask her about was the amount of cleanliness on campus.  Generally we didnt take what we were doing too seriously as we laughed alot and made jokes when talking about things like the prices of food on campus [because she had  ended up interviewing me about the quality of food before we switched roles.]  Kanwal  as well as myself commented on the  fact that the bathrooms especially those in Keily and the Student union were not very clean. We also went to the SU when the  roles were reversed and  photographed  the value menu avalible there. Upon further investigatin however they did not regularly offer the items on the value menu.  Out of the two roles I had to assume, I most enjoyed that of Dr Researcher. I say this because I enjoy asking questions instead of being asked them myself, also it is very easy for me to present my ideas to people once I am given a well organized background or information to work with.  Also durring our role reversal we talked about the fact that the hand sanitizers on campus are for the  most part empty. This was important to our feildwork, because at the time we were discussing cleanliness  on campus. In order to save a little time while still on the subject we took pictures of the wait-staffs hands to ensure that they were preparing the cafeteria food with proper handling proceedures in mind.  I als0 wrote down Kanwal’s responces to two of the questions I asked her;they are as follows:

Necessary improvements on Queens College Campus

What is one complaint that you have concerning the condition of bathrooms on the QC campus?

There is always a shortage of toilet paper at the student union. The trash is always over flowing and the lower level bathrooms, are still a part of the campus; they should be treated as such.

How would you rate the level of cleanliness on campus? Usually the campus is clean, but the condition could use improvement especially concerning the bathrooms. The hand sanitizers are handy but they are not always stocked. Overall, an okay job is being done.

As far as feedback goes I generally enjoyed working with her and the only suggestion I would have for her is to be more consice with her responces. While we spoke about the questions our conversations teetered into longer more open ones. This worked back to the assignment but I ended up shortening her responces in order to maintain the point of each question. The small talk between working and our similarity or ideas when it came to both subjets was cool though. For the most part we were on the same page and I liked that

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2 Responses to “Mini Feildwork ‘necessary improvements on Queens College campus’”

  1.   biancaerriah Says:

    during my fieldwork i was trying to find a bathroom that was dirty but every bathroom i had checked was cleaned so that didnt prove my case well. but im glad u found one to help your case! =]

  2.   antonia Says:

    Good start, Julia! Just a few comments:
    – please check your spelling before posting an entry. Even if this is “just” a blog, it is still academic work and I will check for grammar and spelling.
    – about being on the same page with your participant: it is “cool” in the context of a fieldwork-experiment out of a classroom but beware when doing the research for your project (or any sociological research, that is). You might find that you are not in tune with your subjects’ ideas at all, and that should not discourage you from pursuing your task anyway. 🙂

    On a different note: you are missing two entries: your self-introduction and “Getting to Know Your Eyes”. What happened to them?

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