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Final Project Guidelines

by Julia

Final Project Personal Guidelines


No participants under the age of 18

No overly personal questions

Do not pry over a situation


Get background from your subjects about who they are.

Survey’s will be handed out for a period of 10 days and collected

I will hand these out to people of different backgrounds to avoid bias

I will not interview or survey friends and family.

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2 Responses to “Final Project Guidelines”

  1.   Antonia Says:

    This is a good start but insufficient> For example, in order to comment on your guidelines we need to know what it is you are actually working on? And why don’t you want to include friends and family?
    When revising this for your final paper please include a a rationale for your ethical guidelines as well (why are you using these guidelines?).

  2.   Zhuoxi Hou Says:

    Please be more specific..detailed explanations of why and how you practice these considerations are needed…

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