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Getting to Know Your Eyes

by Julia
Thursday April 1st I paid a visit to the library. After returning from vacation I asked my mother to drop me off and proceeded to wonder around. The air quality and the temperature seemed different the floors had grey carpet all over them and if you went further into the library, you would find a computer station as well as an adjacent help desk. The children’s section of the library has always been interesting to me because it looks more like their own little world, than a section within something larger. I chose the library because I love to read and as far back as I can remember reading has always been encouraged in my family. For the most part saving the children’s section of the library, people kept to themselves. Entering and leaving the library, the people I saw were either having quiet conversations on cellphones or returning books. Some, ignore the no cellphone rule only to be corrected by someone at a help desk or the main check in/out area.


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