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Visual Exploration [missing March 24th]

by Julia
This photo is an old ad featuring Britney Spears

A picture I took in Times Square of an advertizement for 'Circus'

This is a video  cap from the video 'My girls got a girlfriend'

A video cap from Ray Lavender's 'My Girls got a Girlfriend'

The above  pictures are a  video  cap from My Girls got a Girlfriend  and a photo of an advertizement for Circus  by Britney Spears. I decided to  use the  video  cap  because it shows a lesbian scene or what  can be  considered a lesbian scene and in the music industry especially in these  types of  videos lesbianism is something that  is  glamourized. The song is mainly about the main character finding out his girlfriend is  cheating on  him with a woman, while he expresses  his upset he allows it to  go  on with the stipulation that they can all continue to have a three way relationship.  Women in  music videos are portrayed as  sexually immoral and the main characters allowing his  girlfriend to continue the relationship only further damgages the way women are  viewed. 

The second picture as I said is of an advertizement for the album Circus  I chose to use this  because while Britney is  not a part of a larger  group of women in a video like the two women in My Girls got a Girlfriend  she is the center of attention in the  video and is able to present herself different ways, this  gives her power, but at the same time means she has to be responcible for her own image. Solo artists especially females are  expected to have a cetain decorum when they are in videos. At the same time they are  confined to two  boxes the Wholesome Image/Promiscious  box. The women in music videos dont have control over how their images are  used which in the end leaves them with less power and  control over themselves.

Lavender, Ray. “My Girls Got a Girlfriend.” Ray Lavender. Akon, 2008. Youtube. Web. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fh5OeSuOhA>.

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